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We have set ourselves the task of providing the best product on the market and helping our partners achieve economic success. We work to help you grow your business and expand your trading opportunities in the world of goods and services.

Issuance of documentary letters of credit (DLC).

We provide a range of financial services to assist our clients in their international trading activities. One of our main services is the issuance of letters of credit for documents (DLC). These are legal documents that issue a payment guarantee from the buyer's bank to the seller and ensure that both parties are protected in the transaction.

DLCs are especially important in international trade, where there may be distrust between buyers and sellers due to differences in legal and financial systems. By using DLC, both parties can be confident in the transaction and reduce the risk of default or other disputes.
Our team of experienced professionals can help you through the difficult process of obtaining DLC and give you expert advice on how to use this financial instrument to support your international trading activities.

Bank guarantees.

Bank guarantees are an indispensable financial instrument in the modern business world. They give the beneficiary a guaranteed promise to pay in case the applicant fails to fulfill his contractual obligations. We offer a range of bank guarantees to support our clients' international trading operations, including performance guarantees, offer guarantees and prepaid bonds.

Our experienced team works closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and adapt our services in a way that provides them with the financial security they need to thrive their business. Thanks to our wide range of bank guarantees and our commitment to exceptional customer service, we are the preferred partner for companies seeking to take their international trading activities to the next level.
Contact us to learn more about our bank guarantees and how we can help you grow and thrive as a business!

SBLC (standby Letters of credit).

SBLC (Standby Letters of Credit) is a type of financial instrument that provides the beneficiary with a guarantee of payment in case the applicant fails to fulfill its obligations. At CONIN TRADE, we offer SBLC to support our clients in international trade by providing them with a secure and reliable payment mechanism. By using SBLC, customers can ensure that their payment obligations are fulfilled, which can help them gain the trust of their business partners.

Our team of experienced professionals can help clients obtain SBLCS tailored to their specific needs, and we work with leading financial institutions to ensure the highest level of security and reliability.
Contact us today to learn more about our SBLC services and how we can support your business in international trade!

Cash receipts.

We offer our clients the opportunity to invest in the form of loans through bank checks. Our investment program allows you to earn interest on your investments, while providing much-needed capital for businesses and individuals who need it.

By investing through us, you can be sure that your money is safe, and you are helping to support the growth and development of others. Our investment team has experience and strives to find the best investment options that will help you achieve your financial goals.
Contact us to learn more about our investment opportunities and how you can benefit from them!

Private employment programs.

Private placement programs, also known as "high-yield investment programs", are private (non-governmental) investment programs based on the purchase or sale of bank financial instruments. In most cases, the main tools are MTN. These instruments are purchased at a large discount from their strike price, and then resold on the secondary market at a higher price. The difference between the sale price and the purchase price is the investor's profit. These programs are offered to investors with a high credit rating and can only be carried out by qualified traders licensed to conduct such transactions.

The peculiarity of these programs is that most of the proceeds usually go to humanitarian purposes, as well as to finance larger corporate projects.

Thus, each institution has priority in this type of transactions. In fact, private placement programs are little known to the general public, and only a very small group of investors with significant funds or banking instruments have access to them.
Contact us today to learn more about our exclusive private placement programs and find out how you can benefit from them!
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